Lezing: ‘Duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelen en erfgoed’

16 juni 2021 om 00:00

‘Sustainable Development Goals and Heritage’
Woensdag 16 juni 2021

In 2015 the United Nations presented the so called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 17 related goals and their 169 underlying targets are meant to address all current societal issues and aim at a better world to be reached by 2030. Also heritage is addressed, be it in the margins of SDG nr. 11.4.

The recently published report Heritage for Global Challenges elaborates on the issue by making connections between a wide range of cultural heritage research projects that seek to address multiple SDG targets. Francesca Giliberto will present the report during this lecture evening. Ilaria Rosetti will subsequently present the findings of ICOMOS’s Working Group on the SDGs, as released last March in their policy guidance for Heritage and Development Actors. This lecture evening will be opened by Alexander Jachnow, who will explain the What, the Why and the How of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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